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Fresh air and the outdoors will clear your head and get you thinking about what comes next. Get into a co-operative frame of mind at the start. You may take a risk or a gamble or engage in a speculative venture. Meet the dare or take the risk as you search for fulfilment with lifestyle or romance. Make some rules, stick to them and don't transgress just because an impulse takes you. Enjoy some rest and wicked indulgence. Be organized and economical as Friday comes. There may be a new scheme, dealings with the money folk or a secret fiscal strategy. Be sensitive but take charge. It's the weekends for close cooperation or sweet romances. It'll be the phone, the car or the online stuff that'll set the pace on the weekends, so keep everything serviced, charged and ready for action. Cooperation will get the job done, as long as you keep a handle on the input.

Partner your loved one for a stylish night out or take the time for a romantic dinner at home. There'll be duties or responsibilities as the weeks get underway, asking you to organise or get the career show on the road with a freshened up approach. It's a strange week, especially where relationships or money matters are concerned and you won't easily be able to see where you stand or how you're doing. Get some outdoors time and exercise in the midweek. Get a basic budget organized and stick to it. Get busy as friday comes as you'll have appointments, meetings or a raft of communications to handle. The mood is intense from there as the sun comes up thursdays There'll be deep dealings, erotic or fiscal or both. If there are tensions to work through, horizontal's the best. Romance or purchases may come but watch that your judgement isn't flawed by impulse. Money and the budget will figure on the weekend. By this means, you'll see a way ahead. You may deal with a sensitive or controlling female.

Chill in the midweek. Tasty food, TLC and a little horizontal pleasure will be just the ticket. Watch arrangements for travel and communication early on. Midweek reverses the mood as tasks or duties come knocking at the door of Castle My. Stay in close 'til midweek but then can get closer, especially with the boudoir and the prone position. Get steamy in the boudoir. Take time for the dust to settle and take a remedy for what ails you. There may just be good feelings and good food with like-minded people. The dollars will be hard to catch and easy to lose these weeks, so take care with the budget. Shared interests will feature on the weekend. Take it all more quietly in the midweek. An inspiration or even a mistake might lead to a good idea or decision.

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